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Brazil & England post crushing victories

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Brazil & England post crushing victories
by Martyn Coleman - Monday, 30 June 2014, 1:07 PM

2 matches have been played so far:

England played a Colombia team made up of no less than 3 members of staff and gave them a footballing lesson. After 11 unanswered goals, the full time whistle finally sounded setting up a highly anticipated semi final against... 

Brazil who racked up an 8-1 victory against Netherlands in a high quality game.

The other 2 quarter finals are yet to be played. In the absence of their opponents, Chile and Costa Rica decided to have a friendly and Chile pummeled their staff opponents in a 12-5 victory.

Concern is mounting that there will be no staff teams left by the end of Thursday and there are rumours of emergency tactics sessions, extra fitness training and practice sessions wearing 3 jumpers to match the sweltering conditions of the Canteenerana Stadium.

Thursday will see the remaining 2 QF games followed by the Semi Finals.